Ancillary Services

Health Certification – Licensing

As many of our clients travel extensively in and out of Teton County, the necessary health certificates for traveling pets can be arranged for by our Reception Desk.

24-Hour On-call Care

In an emergency call 307-201-5700

Senior Health Program

Older dogs and cats need special attention because they can have special problems. Caring for them requires home and veterinary health care, nutritional monitoring and awareness of age-related behavior problems. Preventative veterinary care can add years to your pet’s life. Ask our veterinarians about a senior health care plan if your dog or cat is over seven years old.

Microchip ID

Without proper identification, 90% of lost pets without identification never return home. That’s why we have joined the national network of veterinarians, animal shelters, and volunteer pet rescue organizations who participate in the HomeAgain pet microchip identification and recovery system. Our receptionists can tell you how to protect your pet with HomeAgain.

Nutritional Counseling

It is believed that dogs have been domesticated for almost 100,000 years while cats have only been domesticated for 10,000 years. Modern pet food was introduced in 1890. Over the years, different pet food diets and controversy surrounding them have evolved. Today, we have a range of diets that we can recommend. No diet is ideal for every dog or cat. Our veterinarians are happy to discuss the pros and cons of different diets and help you make good nutritional choices for your pets.

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Orthopedic Surgery

We offer a number of Orthopedic Services, Including TATE™ Canine Elbow Surgery, TPLO Surgery, Hip Replacement, Fractures, and more.

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Medicine CTA.png


We offer all medical and surgical services ranging from routine vaccinations and spays and neuters to bloodwork, ultrasounds, radiographs, exploratory surgery, chemotherapy, MRI and CT scans.

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Dental CTA.png

Dental Services

At Jackson Animal Hospital, we specialize in all dental care, from routine cleanings to full mouth extractions, as we believe in the importance of dental health for your pet. Clean and disease free teeth will allow your pet to live a longer and healthier life.

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Water therapy is an important tool to help animals rehabilitate from orthopedic injuries. We are proud to offer both a Hudson Aquatic Underwater Treadmill as well as a class 3B Laser to assist your pet in recovering to his or her full potential.

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